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- High Speed Broadband

BT Broadband

BT has upgraded their Broadband  service for Great Salkeld. Superfast fibre optic BT Infinity is now available to many households. To find out if you are able to get this service and to check the different packages available see the BT Broadband website.

At the time this page was updated (15.1.14) a Download speed through a new BT Broadband connection (checked on Broadband checker) was 36Mb and Upload speed was 12Mb.


Great Salkeld is now a few years in to the supply of High Speed Broadband. LonsdaleNET uses state of the art fibre optic and wireless technologies to supply reliable high speed broadband internet connections which other providers have left behind. If you live within the coverage area of one of their wireless masts, or nearby one of their fibre connection points shown on their website, contact them to see how they can revolutionise your online experience.

BJR5QKoCYAAlw-cLonnsdaleNET’s new Hartside mast, serving East Fellside, has now gone live to offer better broadband services to thousands of residents in Melmerby, Gamblesby, Glassonby, Renwick, Winskill and Huntsonby. It also reaches the rest of Great Salkeld that is not served by the existing village mast, plus half of Lazonby, Edenhall and much of the surrounding area.

LonsdaleNET tell us that their coverage from a hub can reach up to 15km providing 60Mbps to those within 5km, 40Mbps at 10km and 20Mbps at 15km and that they have good coverage of the entire of the Great Salkeld parish.

How to find out more about installing Broadband through Lonsdale.NET

Contact Lonsdale.Net: on Telephone 01228 808002     Web:

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