The Parish Council normally meets on the first Monday of each month.

Minutes are taken of all meetings and agreed as a true record at the following meeting whereupon they are available on this site.  There may therefore be a delay in minutes appearing on this page.  To view minutes of meetings click on the relevant date below and follow your on screen instructions.

2019 Minutes

GT S Agenda February 2019

GT S Draft Minutes Feb 2019 (C)

GT S Draft Minutes Mar 2019 (C)

GT S Agenda Apr 2019

GT S Draft Minutes Apr 2019 (C)

GT S Agenda AGM May 2019

GTS Draft Minutes AGM May 2019 (C)

GT S Agenda June 2019

GT S Draft Minutes June 2019 (C)

GT S Agenda July 2019

GT S Draft Minutes July 2019 FGT S Agenda Sept 2019

GT S Agenda Sept 2019

Great Salkeld Parish Council Draft Minutes Sept 2019 (03 10 2019) (1)

GT S Agenda Nov 2019 F

GT S Draft Minutes Nov 2019 C

GT S Agenda Dec 2019

GT S Draft Minutes Dec 2019 C

Date of the next meeting–  The October monthly meeting will be held at 7.30 pm on Monday 7th Oct, 2019, in the Reading Room.